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Apple will Remain the Leader in Mobile Technology in 2015

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It’s All About the Base

While some industry critics have forecast a drop in revenue for the technology giant in 2015, Apple is slated for 5 major releases that would suggest the mobile leader is not planning to lose its place at the front of the pack. Apple has grown a huge base of loyal users that can be counted on to purchase well-marketed releases, somewhere between 1 and 2 million. That number is likely higher in light of how much the global base has grown. As the product goes through its generations and improvements, units will continue to sell.The Products look Promising.
The much anticipated Apple Watch is being released to an international market on April 24, 2015 for the starting price of $349. The watch will do much of what the iPhone does in a convenient wrist accessory. The marketing is solid, the watch looks good, and there are enough options to appeal to different consumers. Competitors have released similar products in advance of Apple for about $100 dollars less, and none of them have captured the market. They are not Apple devices (insert shoulder shrug), and we have seen that same story play out with other mobile technology.
There is a large screen iPad rumored to be released in the 3rd quarter that may be marketed to educational settings and group presentations. Without confirmation, it can be speculated that for the consumer that has found the iPad up to the task of serving most of his/her computer needs, the larger 12 inch screen would make a good thing even better. The multi-tasking split screen is even more likely to make this tablet a handy tool for audiences.
The new MacBook Air is late, but set to release in mid-2015. It is the first lower cost MacBook Air available with Retina Display. The smaller price tag will certainly make haves of the previously have-nots. In addition many are running to sites like Gazelle and to sell iPhone 5 ‘s right now for the apple watch.
In its previous iterations, Apple TV did not have the expected success that other product launches have experienced. But practice makes for improvement, and the following generations have always improved the market share of this product. The release of an updated Apple TV in 2015 is predicted to provide at minimum additional channels, support for video games, and its own App store. More ambitiously, it may offer an HDTV set.
IPhone 7? Need we say more? Over half of Apple’s revenue comes from its extremely popular line of smart phones. If tradition holds, the company will likely launch a new iPhone generation in September. Industry commentators suggest the phone may have a rear-facing camera with a two lens system that would be capable of creating DSLR quality images.Nay to the Naysayers…
As interesting and ambitious as the products from the competitors have been, they are not Apple devices and they don’t have the same allure. Samsung launches quality products on a frequent basis, but because they can’t take tap into the arsenal of apps available at the App Store, they are unable to tap into the same market. Apple is unlikely to lose that edge when it is so good at recruiting the best developers. When it hosts events such as the Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference it stirs the technological melting pot that creates such an interesting stew of ideas. Competitors may also feel that Apple’s yearly launch of products makes it vulnerable to a more frequent release of products from the competition, but perhaps they are ignoring how the timed launches actually fuel an anticipation that has served Apple well in the past.

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